America’s Best Kids Sports and Learning Center is a “kid’s gym and school” where children come first.  Our center is designed to cater to children and their families.  ABK provides a place where kids can thrive and become confident, responsible and successful individuals.

We are very accommodating to the demands and challenges parents face with their busy lives and hectic schedules. ABK is increasingly aware of the financial strains put on schools today. The unfortunate consequence is that many schools have to cut back or entirely eliminate sports, music and art programs – classes many children look forward to the most.

ABK’s founders looked back at their own childhoods and realized that some of the most influential people in their lives were coaches and teachers – individuals that not only taught skills, but valuable life lessons such as; patience, hard work and determination. Such mentors help children face fears and failures as well as share in their joys and triumphs. Our goal at America’s Best Kids is to help all children reach their personal best in a nurturing and supportive environment.
"At America’s Best Kids Sports and Learning Center  our mission is to help all children become happy, healthy, confident and responsible individuals, in a safe, fun, positive and nurturing environment."
December Events

Friday, December 12th
Winter Dance Recital @7pm-8:30pm

Saturday, December 13th
Black Belt Party @ 7pm-11pm

Friday, December 19th
ABK School Christmas Program - No School
Karate Testing - No Classes

Friday, December 20th
Sparring Seminar @ 12:30pm

Monday, December 22nd
Christmas Wrap and Roll

December 22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th
Winter Break Camp *Register Online*

December 24th,25th, & 26th

Wednesday, December 31st
New Year's Eve P.N.O

Full Calendar